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British manufacturing

We handcraft each Patishon to guarantee it meets the highest quality you deserve.


Our Polyglas panels are not only ten times tougher than standard glass but also half as heavy. The cherry on top? They're superior when it comes to thermal and sound insulation.


The use of aluminium framing not only ensures durability but also imparts a chic industrial aesthetic.


Every Patishon is meticulously handcrafted to your specific dimensions, ensuring an immaculate, tailor-made fit.

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Introducing the UK's groundbreaking self-install glazed partition
solution, revolutionizing the way partitions are installed.

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We would recommend that a Patishon with doors will require more than one person, or a Patishon where the ceiling height is above 2.5m. But any smaller and you would be fine with one person.

You will need – A drill, and a little DIY skill. We will provide all the parts required.

Our lead times are around 4 weeks

We strive to make our Patishon's as easy as possible to install for anyone with a little DIY knowhow.

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